Summer Jewelry for 2024

Summer is the perfect time to showcase lightweight, elegant jewelry that enhances your style and stands the test of time. At Prosebud Jewelry, we offer a selection of timeless pieces that will keep you sparkling and shining all summer long. Let's explore some of our favorites. 

Secret Heart Blue Topaz Necklace

Our Secret Heart Blue Topaz Necklace is a lightweight pendant that brings a touch of glimmer to your summer outfits. Imagine walking along a sunlit beach, the blue topaz catching the light and reflecting the serene hues of the sea. This necklace is perfect for both casual beach days and evening get-togethers. Explore more.

Blue Topaz Sterling Silver necklace

Perfume Book Locket

Stay fresh in the summer heat with our Perfume Book Locket. Picture a warm afternoon garden party where you discreetly refresh your scent from a locket that not only holds your favorite fragrance but also adds a unique touch to your ensemble. This piece combines practicality with charm, ensuring you stay fragrant and stylish all day. Discover it here.

Opalescent Earrings

These Opalescent Earrings are perfect for capturing the magic of summer light. Think of a sunset dinner by the water, where the earrings' shimmering hues mirror the fading sun's glow, adding a touch of romance and elegance to your look. These earrings are versatile enough to transition from day to night effortlessly. Check them out.

Low Tide Pearl Earrings

Channel your inner mermaid with our Low Tide Pearl Earrings. Envision a seaside evening where the gentle sway of freshwater pearls complements the rhythmic waves, making you feel connected to the ocean's timeless beauty. These earrings are perfect for adding a touch of coastal chic to your summer wardrobe. See more.

Rose Quartz and Pearl Choker

For those beachy princess vibes, our Rose Quartz and Pearl Choker is a must-have. Imagine a dreamy beach day, with the soft pink of rose quartz and the elegance of pearls enhancing your natural glow. This choker is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to any summer outfit. View this piece.

Bonus: Seashell Perfume Bottle

Carry your favorite scent with you in our charming Seashell Perfume Bottle. Picture a stroll along the shore, where you can refresh your fragrance from a bottle that embodies the essence of the sea. This bottle is perfect for touch-ups on the go, combining practicality with the beauty of the seaside. Learn more.

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  • Everyday Adornment

    Bright silver, sleek gemstones, sophisticated shapes, timeless, going from day to night.

  • The Mermaid

    Colors of the sea, wavy textures, pearls, iridescence, coastal chic, vacationing on the coast.

  • The Novelist

    Antiqued silver, ornate, filigree, Victorian, moody, writing in a woodland cottage.