Is waterproof jewelry good quality?

Curious about waterproof jewelry? You're not alone. Waterproof jewelry has been one of the most popular jewelry trends since 2021. In this article, we'll break down the basics of waterproof jewelry, compare it to sterling silver, and help you make informed choices for your jewelry needs.

sterling silver vs waterproof jewelry

What is Waterproof Jewelry?

Waterproof jewelry is designed to withstand exposure to water without tarnishing or losing its shine. Often crafted from materials like stainless steel, it claims durability for those with busy lifestyles.

What is Waterproof Jewelry Made Out Of?

Commonly made from stainless steel, waterproof jewelry offers resilience against water damage. However, its quality may vary, leading to concerns about longevity. Poor quality waterproof jewelry has a generic "base metal" and is plated in gold or stainless steel. The plating wears away in time.

Is Waterproof Jewelry Quality?

While waterproof jewelry can be affordable, its quality may not always match traditional fine jewelry like sterling silver. It's essential to consider factors like durability and craftsmanship before making a purchase. Waterproof jewelry can also cater to trendy styles that may not be appealing by the next season.

Waterproof Jewelry vs Sterling Silver

While both sterling silver and waterproof jewelry have their merits, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. Sterling silver offers fine quality and longevity, with pieces crafted to stand the test of time and become cherished heirlooms. On the other hand, waterproof jewelry can provide an affordable and trendy option for those seeking versatile pieces. 

Is Waterproof Jewelry Fine Jewelry?

Fine jewelry is reserved for solid 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, and platinum. While some may classify waterproof jewelry as fine jewelry, its durability and longevity do not always meet the standards of traditional fine jewelry. Factors like material quality and craftsmanship play a crucial role in determining its classification. 

Is Stainless Steel Quality Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry can offer durability and resistance to tarnishing, making it a popular choice for those seeking affordable and low-maintenance accessories. However, when it comes to quality jewelry, stainless steel may not always meet the same standards as precious metals like gold or sterling silver. It also lacks the luster of fine metals. While stainless steel jewelry can be stylish and functional, it lacks the intrinsic value and timeless elegance associated with fine jewelry materials. 

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

To maintain the pristine shine of sterling silver jewelry, use a polishing cloth and avoid polishing creams or oils, which can deteriorate the metal. With proper care, sterling silver pieces last for generations, becoming cherished heirlooms. Every Prosebud order arrives with a polishing cloth and pieces are wrapped in anti-tarnish paper (which can be reused for storage). 

Is Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry?

Yes, sterling silver is considered fine jewelry due to its enduring beauty, craftsmanship, and intrinsic value. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a staple in any jewelry collection.

Does Sterling Silver Jewelry Last?

With proper care, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime and beyond. Its durability and timeless elegance make it a wise investment for those seeking long-lasting adornments.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry?

For authentic sterling silver jewelry, consider trusted sources like Prosebud Jewelry, Etsy, or antique sales. Look for the hallmark "925" stamp as a sign of sterling silver authenticity.

How Can You Tell It's Sterling Silver?

Authentic sterling silver jewelry is often stamped with the "925" hallmark, indicating its purity. Be wary of counterfeit pieces that may lack proper markings.

Does Sterling Silver Turn Your Finger Green?

Contrary to popular belief, authentic sterling silver jewelry does not turn your finger green. Green discoloration may occur with lower-quality metals or alloys but is unlikely with genuine sterling silver.

Does Waterproof Jewelry Turn Your Finger Green?

Yes, waterproof jewelry crafted from base metals like copper can sometimes turn your finger green with prolonged wear. Additionally, if the gold plating on waterproof jewelry is too thin, it may react with your skin, causing a similar greenish tint. These occurrences are due to the metals' reaction with the natural oils and acidity of your skin. To minimize the risk of this happening, opt for higher-quality waterproof jewelry made from stainless steel, and consider applying a clear nail polish to create a barrier between your skin and the metal.

Invest in the jewelry you love

Understanding the nuances of waterproof jewelry and sterling silver empowers you to make informed decisions. While waterproof jewelry offers durability and affordability, sterling silver stands as a timeless symbol of enduring elegance and quality craftsmanship. By choosing trusted sources and prioritizing material integrity, you can enjoy beautiful jewelry that reflects your style and values for years to come.

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