How to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

how to clean sterling silver


Whether you're a fan of delicate necklaces, sparkling earrings, or statement rings, caring for your sterling silver pieces properly ensures they retain their stunning luster for years to come. In this blog post, we'll provide you with essential tips and insights on how to care for your cherished sterling silver jewelry.

Cleaning Sterling Silver: Maintaining the beauty of sterling silver is a breeze if you follow the right cleaning techniques. It's important to note that using gels or polishing liquids can damage the delicate nature of sterling silver. Instead, opt for specially designed polishing cloths, which are gentle yet effective in removing tarnish and restoring shine. Gently rub the cloth on your jewelry in a back-and-forth motion to remove dirt and grime.

Sterling Silver and Chlorine: Chlorine can be particularly harsh on sterling silver jewelry. It can cause the silver to corrode and develop a dull appearance. To protect your jewelry, always remember to take it off before entering chlorinated water. If you forget to do so, promptly rinse your jewelry with clean water and gently pat dry.

Showering with your jewelry on: Showering with sterling silver jewelry on is generally not recommended. The combination of water, soap, and other bath products can accelerate the tarnishing process. Additionally, the humidity in the bathroom can contribute to the oxidation of the silver. To preserve the longevity of your jewelry, it's advisable to remove it before taking a shower or bath.

Addressing the Green Skin Myth: One common concern associated with wearing sterling silver jewelry is the possibility of it turning your skin green. Rest assured, the discoloration is not a reaction to the silver itself but rather a result of the metal's interaction with chemicals present on your skin. Factors such as pH levels, sweat, and certain cosmetics can cause this reaction. 

    Proper care is essential to maintain the beauty and longevity of your sterling silver jewelry. By following the tips provided in this blog post, such as using polishing cloths instead of gels or liquids and minimizing exposure to water and chlorine, you can enjoy your cherished pieces for years to come. Sterling silver jewelry is meant to be worn and cherished, so don't be afraid to wear your jewelry - just be sure to take care of it the right way.

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